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Thank you Andrew: a return to blogging

Sorry everyone, life has been getting in the way of posting. Living here in Gibraltar, I have not been brilliant at taking some time to sit down and record how life is. Perhaps that is because it has been so good recently. Well so good in comparison to what it was when the blog was first started. However, I aim to record some thoughts at least once every two days from now on as I have always found it to be helpful in keeping me sane. Today I give thanks for Andrew. For without him and his love, I would be nothing today. Indeed, I doubt very much if I would be here at all.

2½ hrs out of work for medical reasons – I think not!

This afternoon whilst attending the treatment room once again – well it is still daily – one of the nurses asked me if I was working… Funnily enough, I said , No, the doctor gave me a ‘line’ for 4 weeks – and it would be odd to return to work without her agreement The nurse then asked how often do you come here? Couldn’t you work and come here? I then explained, nearly in words of one syllable, that I was attending (see not quite one syllable…) for the dressing to be changed daily during Monday to Friday. And no, I live in the north of the city, my work is in the east, and you’ve guessed it, the treatment room is in the north. The public transport is not great – thus meaning I would have 2 hours approximately (I hope she understood that big word…) to travel from work to treatment room and back – to say nothing of the original journey to work and, of course, the one to return home. …