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HIV self tests now available in North thanks to legal change

From yesterday, following a legal move1 made by the North’s health minister, it is now possible to buy HIV self-testing kits and to test yourself for HIV. Speaking on World AIDS Day, [Simon Hamilton MLA] said: “The change in the law will allow HIV self-testing kits to be sold to the public in Northern Ireland. Some people are reluctant to get tested for a number of reasons, including stigma and a fear of being judged, so self-testing will have an important role in reaching those who are not using existing services.”—DHSSPS press release 1 Dec 2015. Testing at home is only one option of many available. There is also the more traditional route of going to the GUM clinic at one of several hospitals, or going to your own General Practitioner. There are also rapid testing projects at The Rainbow Project and Positive Life. It should be borne in mind, however, that a home test may produce a false positive result or that the test may not be correct because of the window period. False reassurance may be …

“a beautiful international family of brothers, sisters, and sister-brothers.”

“I need to tell it now because we are not an ugly picture. We are a beautiful international family of brothers, sisters, and sister-brothers. I am honored to be part of that acronym, to be a man who has sex with men, and to wear that little plus sign next to my name on official documents, filed away in medical offices across the country. I am a poz guy. I have survived many Thursdays since that day at the clinic. Each one is a victory to me.” — Alexander Cheves, I saw that paragraph on an article on, today and thought that it was quite a good description of life for many of us living with HIV. I wish that everyone living with HIV could feel part of that family. It does not matter how we became HIV-positive… we are still part of the family. Thank you Alexander for your words.

Unlicensed Cambodian doctor jailed for 25 years for spreading HIV

After Cambodian authorities detected an epidemic of HIV when they started testing a community in the Battambbang province, in the remote north-west of the country. They found more than 270 cases including people in their 80s and one who was aged 2 years. Today an unlicensed medical practitioner was convicted of murder, and sentenced to 25 years in prison for spreading HIV. The provincical court judge, Yich Na Chheavy told a packed courtroom, “The court found Yem Chrin guilty of operating health treatment without license, injecting people with syringes that spread HIV and torturing peopled to die.” News: Reuters

LibDem calls for PrEP via UK NHS on #WAD2015

On World AIDS Day the Liberal Democrat spokesman for Health, Norman Lamb called for the HIV-preventative drug Truvada or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis to be made available via the UK’s National Health Service. With more than 6,000 more people becoming infected with HIV in Britian in 2013, he says that it is clear that efforts to combat the virus are not working. Norman Lamb MP said: “It beggars belief that there is a drug which has been shown to be effective in preventing infection with the virus, but which has still not been made available on the NHS. We need to stop brushing the issue under the carpet and start to take HIV prevention seriously. “I am urging the NHS to take urgent action to halt the spread of HIV by making PrEP available to people considered to be at high risk of catching the virus, without further delay. This could have an enormous impact on the lives of countless numbers of people in high-risk groups, and will turn out far cheaper than our current strategy of …

Updated: Response from Bailiff of Jersey over #WAD collection

All around the world people are using World AIDS Day (1 December)as a time to raise funds for HIV charities and to raise awareness of HIV in their communities. However this is not going to happen on the Channel Island of Jersey. I have been told that the Bailiff of Jersey has said that Only collections for Christmas charities are allowed to collect in December. I have sent an email to the Bailiff seeking clarification of this ruling. I will update this blog when/if I get a response. UPDATE: Response from David Filipponi, Chief Officer, Bailiff’s Chambers, St Helier, Jersey: Dear Mr Campbell, Thank you for your email addressed to the Bailiff concerning collections and World AIDS Day. Over the years, permission has been granted to ACET to collect for World AIDS Day as near to the 1st December as is requested by that charity. This year, ACET collected on Saturday 28th November. This arrangement allows the collection date to be ‘shared’ with the Joint Christmas Charities Appeal which also collects at this time of …